Thinking About Invisalign? – Here is Everything You Need to Know


Nobody should have to hide their smile for the remainder of their lives. If you desire to fix your crooked teeth or smile without needing to wear brackets, bands, or metal wires, Invisalign is the solution! At Carnegie Dental Wellness, Constantina Bacopoulou and his staff provide professional orthodontic care with Invisalign to teens and adults. To explore the benefits of Midtown West Manhattan invisalign, call the office or schedule an initial consultation online.

What is Invisalign and How Does It Work?

Conventional devices use a wired system to hold your teeth in position. Though successful, traditional teeth-straightening techniques are inefficient, time-consuming, and often uncomfortable.

Invisalign, however, utilizes innovative technology to create plastic molds that properly fit over your gums and teeth. These plastic pieces are bespoke aligners made to fit your mouth perfectly.

During your therapy, several sets are employed, softly moving several teeth at a time.

The benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces are numerous, and they provide users with a more pleasurable user experience.

What Are These Benefits?

v  Maximized Comfort

Wearing Invisalign is pleasant because it is affixed with soft plastic instead of metal to your teeth. Though it might take time for your mouth to acclimate to the aligners, you will not have to deal with the discomfort of getting your metal braces’ wires altered and tightened.

v  They Resemble Natural Teeth

Is the sight of traditional braces deterring you from seeking treatment? The clear aligners that Dr. Bacopoulou uses have a subtle and unobtrusive design. You, your specialist, and the individuals you notify will be the only ones who know you are under treatment.

v  They Are Removable

Invisalign is detachable; thus, you could take small breaks from it. You will not have to adjust your cleaning routine or diet as you can remove the gadget from your mouth to brush your teeth or eat.

Even though you can withdraw the gadget as needed, you must strive to maintain it most of the time to maximize its efficiency as a straightening gadget.

v  Therapy Time is Significantly Reduced

Metal braces gradually correct teeth, with an estimated 18-24 months treatment length. However, Invisalign therapy in Midtown West Manhattan might take anywhere from 6-18 months, based on the degree of your orthodontic problem.

Who Can Benefit from Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are beneficial to both adults and teens who require corrective dental work to enhance their smiles and organize their teeth in an orderly manner.

For adolescent patients who are more likely to be riddled with feelings of self-consciousness and fears, Invisalign is the ideal teeth-straightening fix due to its practically invisible look. Adult users, particularly professionals ascending the corporate ladder, would also appreciate these advantages.

Are You a Candidate for Invisalign?

Dr. Bacopoulou cannot promise that you will be a good fit for the Invisalign. She will initially undertake a case evaluation to establish if you are a good candidate for treatment. If appropriate for you, she will start working on a personalized care plan for you. Common issues that Invisalign can correct include:

  •         Overbite or underbite
  •         Crossbite
  •         Crooked teeth
  •         Crowded teeth
  •         Teeth gaps
  •         Tooth shape

Gone are the times where a crooked smile and misaligned teeth forced you to forfeit your appearance. Thanks to Invisalign, you could now achieve aligned teeth and a gorgeous smile without the hassle of cumbersome, conventional braces. Make an appointment through mobile or book online today.

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