The KN95 mask: The Best Protector from COVID 19


The most famous and one of the best quality masks is named KN95 mask which is also known as an N95 respirator. This mask is made popular and checked by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) under the N95 classification category.

These masks help in filtering the air and then allow them to enter the masks for the person to breathe. This is a type of facepiece, which helps in clearing and fighting against 95% of the diseases that are caused by the germs that are airborne and enters the body with the breathing process.

Using an N95 Respirator Mask - YouTube

These masks do not need to be resistant to oil to increase their efficiency to perform and the use of P95 affects the masks. This mask or facepiece is very common among the people as it provides the best services and best experience to the people using it.

They are not only comfortable in use but also helps the person to fight against the airborne diseases as it does not allow smaller particles to enter the mask and affect the body in adverse manner. This is similar to the filters that are used in mechanical purposes as they help in fighting against the particulates but those fail when it comes to dealing with the vapors or gases.

The mask of N95 is similar to the masks that are generated outside the jurisdiction of the US, named as FFP2 of European Union and KN95 of China, and that too in their functionality. Though functioning is similar they differ in their performance and this can be certified by the help of their filter efficiency, flow rate, permissible pressure drop, and test agent.

The material they are made up of

These masks are made up of the fine meshing of the synthetic polymer fibers and a special type of fabric is used that is named as nonwoven polypropylene fabrics. There is a layer present in the facepiece to protect the wearer from the hazardous particles and that layer is made up of the melt blowing process and is very beneficial in the case of these masks.

History of these masks

These masks have some historical predecessors. When this mask was started, it was done by a Chinese person who was working in the Imperial of Court of China and the name of the person was Lien-teh Wu and all this was done at the time of the spread of Manchurian plague during the year of 1910.

This was the first time when these masks were used and proved to be the best and were promoted in the use against the bacteria at the time of the spread of flu pandemic, which was brought in the year 1918.  After these masks, there was a new invention done in this field only and became the predecessor of these masks named as fast masks. These masks were used in World War I by the miners.


N95 masks are one of the best masks and should be preferred.

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