The case of cargo ships


What are the available transportation systems available to people across the globe for large or bulky shipments which have to be cheap at the same time? The answer to that question has to be one and the only one that is shipments through cargo ships. Cargo ships have been used since the 19th century because they are cheap when it comes to global Shipping as compared to cargo airplanes. Another advantage of cargo ships is that they have Potts all over the ports that are it is very easy to ship a particular bulky package to any part off the world through cargo service.

Thailand and it’s business

Thailand is amongst the booming economies of the world. It is one of the main manufacturing sites for clothing and technology brands. Thailand also has entrepreneurial startups blooming; that is why Thailand is emerging as a blooming producer of goods. Now that Thailand is at a global stage of manufacturing businesses, it must have its own shipping companies that deliver this bulks of packages through the means of cargo ships. One such company is SMESHIPPPING.

Shipping by sea

SMESHIPPPING provide shipping by sea (การ ขนส่ง สินค้า ทาง เรือ which is the term in Thai) services for all around the globe. They are far cheaper compared to other shipping companies as they use small cargo ships or small cruise ships. Though they are cheaper their services exceeds other shipping companies by miles. The average time for a cargo ship to reach its destination but as SMESHIPPPING may use cruise ship so they are faster than other services. They provide door to Port policy that is they receive your packages from your doorsteps and their employees themselves fill up Port formalities and, then they deliver your package to your destination port. Though they provide cargo services but this service is mainly for packages above the size of One cubic meter or 300 kilograms. They also provide both Less Container Loads (LCL) and Full Container Loads (FCL) in their cargo services. So if you are a company based in Thailand and want to send your shipment to another part of the globe just get in touch with SMESHIPPPING.

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