Is it Right to Call BYJU’S App Fraud?


As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to rise dramatically, most businesses are moving towards the path of digitalization and the education sector is no exception. This industry has particularly learned to embrace new technological advancements and adapt to the concept of online education irrespective of time and location. Parents, teachers, students and administration authorities of educational institutions have accepted the advent of technology in the education sector and consider learning from home as the urgent need of the hour in such a crisis.

During this uncertain time of health crisis on a global scale, BYJU’S – The Learning App has created a special place in the lives of students across the length and breadth of the country. Being India’s best ed-tech startup, BYJU’S is the most preferred online learning platform for millions of students nationwide. However, despite offering rich educational content and guidance by the best teachers, BYJU’S App fraud has been trending all over social media. So, now the big question is – “Is it right for you to call BYJU’S App fraud even before using it? Or, should you just get carried away by the rumours? Let’s find out!

BYJU’S App Fraud – Is it True?

Although the BYJU’S App fraud is trending all over social media and rumour mills are abuzz with this news. But have you wondered how far is this information true? As a matter of fact, being India’s most preferred learning education medium, students prefer to learn from top-notch educators in the country. BYJU’S App fraud is nothing but the spreading of rumours and gossip by unscrupulous people with selfish motives to ruin the goodwill of the best ed-tech startup of our country. Parents who want to feel the difference can enrol their children to observe the results themselves. Before enrolling their kids, they can also read BYJU’S success stories on our website and hear genuine feedback from our subscribers having long-term association with the App.

BYJU’S – The Learning App Gives You Competitive Advantage

The BYJU’S App is India’s topmost online education platform that was launched in 2015 for the benefit of millions of students nationwide. The App is said to have over 80 million enrolled students and 5.5 million yearly paid subscriptions. Statistically, a student spends an average time of 71 minutes on the BYJU’S App every single day from almost 1700+ cities in India as the lessons are visually appealing and interactive thereby enticing students to fall in love with learning.

It has a vast network of experienced and highly qualified teachers who guide and mentor students with quality education and clarify their doubts instantly. BYJU’S offers its learners the best personalised learning experience using unique methods and tactics that help them to retain concepts longer than usual. The primary aim of the App is to promote world-class learning, provide personalised learning experience to its students and simplify complex concepts of Mathematics and Science visually with the help of concrete examples.

BYJU’S offers online learning programs and engaging content on K-12, JEE, NEET, UPSC, CAT, GATE among other competitive government and bank exams. The App consists of a plethora of amazing resources and video tutorials that help students to prepare well for their year-end assessments. Parents who are seeking the best education for their children can check our courses and best study materials that come at competitive prices. BYJU’S offers several easy payment options that cater to the needs of its customers.

How To Contact BYJU’S?

If you have any queries, grievances, concerns or feedback about any of the BYJU’S Online Learning programs, you can check with our Academic Counsellors at BYJU’S Complaints Resolution Team. We have a dedicated team of mentors who will address your queries and grievances with patience and revert with a solution at the earliest. You can check our website to explore BYJU’S success stories to know how and why we are regarded as the most loved education partner of millions of students in India. Besides, for any refund-related queries too, you may leave your feedback and our Customer Service Champions will get back to you soon.

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