Is It Essential to Extract Wisdom Teeth?


In the past, wisdom teeth were thought to only be a nuisance, an extra set of teeth that wouldn’t fit in the mouth like their neighbors. However, wisdom teeth have surprising functions. They help shift your jaw around to chew difficult food, and they can play a crucial role in preventing periodontal disease. You can consult a doctor in caring dentistry in Sterling Heights and discuss the scope of extracting your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are not only a nuisance, but they pose several threats to your health. The most common problem with wisdom teeth is impaction which occurs when the teeth are unable to break through the gums and become lodged in the jaw. When this happens, bone and gum tissue can form around the wisdom tooth and push it to an odd angle. This can cause inflammation and damage your neighboring teeth.

Another problem is cysts which form as a result of impaction. These cysts do not go away without extraction or surgery, and then there is a possibility of developing cancer or other pain-causing ailments. The risks of wisdom teeth have actually forced some people to have the teeth removed early. Many people during the same period were advised to have their wisdom teeth shifted from their current location, evaluated, and placed into a good position in order to avoid future problems.

Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Risky?

Although many people want to know the extent of the problems in wisdom teeth, they are also worried that the procedures involved in extracting them may be risky.

As a matter of fact, lots of dental health professionals in Sterling Heights will attest to the fact that there is really no such thing as a risky surgery when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction. The real risk they are concerned with is not having your teeth extracted because you underestimate how dangerous they can be.

Some cases wherein people have had their wisdom teeth removed early experienced complications like dry sockets and infections, which is usually due to improper care after surgery. There are also cases wherein the tooth was not able to be shifted as expected, and some were even caught in the jaw prematurely, which resulted in damage to other wisdom teeth. The gums of your mouth will grow over them eventually, but this will take a while.


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