Do You Listen Well Enough to Your Customers?


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How good of a job would you say you do when it comes to listening to your customers?

Well, if you responded that you are not doing as good of a job as you could, how soon until you improve things?

It is important to remember that your customers are the lifeblood of your business. As such, you can’t afford to turn a deaf ear to them. Doing so can be the beginning of the end for your business.

So, how to improve your listening skills when it comes to your customers?

Give Customers what They Want

In looking at doing all you can for customers, getting their two cents on what they want is a good starting point.

For example, have some customers been clamoring to you about offering an app?

As more owners have found out in recent years, adding an app to what they offer the buying public is a good idea.

So, you may come to the conclusion that app development is something you need to push up the priority list.

With an app offering for customers, you have opened up yet another way to engage and do business with them.

Your app can do any of the following:

  • Provide current and prospective customers with valuable information. That is related to your business and industry you work in.
  • Offer opportunity to buy from your online store if you offer one.
  • Link consumers to your social media pages.

Those are but a few of the things a working app from your business can offer the buying public.

Is Your Customer Service Cutting It?

Speaking of giving customers what they want how is your customer service?

One of the biggest complaints owners hear from the public is that their service could be better.

Think about ways you can improve the service you provide to the people you are dependent on for survival.

Among the things to focus on:

  • Being a good listener – One of the keys to great customer service is being a good listener. If you fail in this area, you could be in big trouble. Consider doing some surveys and more to truly know what your customers want from you.
  • Know what competitors do – It never hurts to have your finger on the pulse. That is of what your competitors are doing for their customers. You may well pick up some tips that you can then use towards your customers.
  • Make sure employees know – With employees, make sure they get customer importance. If they do not, should they be offering customer service in the first place?
  • Provides discounts and rewards – Some consumers have it rough with finances. As such, it never hurts when you offer discounts and rewards throughout the year. You are helping others and you can also win over a lot of business for years to come.

When you respond to what your customers ask for, you are being a smart business owner.

So, what do your customers want from you?

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