Car maintenance – improve the performance of the car 


A car contains many parts like engine, brake, wheels, tires as well as body parts. When we use the vehicle for a long time, parts of any car need maintenance. Cars must get maintenance from time to time. It is not possible that the human body can work without food, and care is also required. A vehicle also needs fuel and maintenance; we need to understand the proper working process of the vehicles so that we could enhance the capacity of the engine and other parts. Many people go for the checking of their cars regularly; such vehicles have an excellent mileage. 

The routine of car maintenance: 

Car and any other vehicle need care regularly. When we use the vehicle regularly engine of the care works all the time, so it is essential to check the oil level in the engine. If the oil level is not a normal level, then you should take it at the right level. Many standards show that you should get maintenance after a certain period and miles at car maintenance shop.

Between 3000 to 6000 

When we go through the owner’s manual, we find that there is a suggestion about the change of the oil and oil filter. According to the recommendation, oil and oil filter should be changed when a vehicle has crossed 3000 miles. When the engine is regularly using, because of the process of engine oil collects many harmful components. We need to replace the oil and pour good quality oil. 

Change air filter between 15000 to 30000 Miles 

Inspect the coolant for seeing the performance of the air filter. The air filter is an essential component of a four-wheeled vehicle; if the air filter doesn’t filter the air properly, then it is not suitable for the vehicle. We should go for the replacement of sir filter every 15000 to 3000 miles.

Between 35000 to 60000 Miles 

Many professionals suggest that we need to change the battery of the car after 3000 miles running; replacement of the battery can go for the 7000 miles, not above this. The battery is responsible for getting all the warnings, and the indication of light is possible because of the battery. So we must replace the battery when it is not working correctly. If you are facing the problem of the discharge of the battery, then it is the time to replace it. 

Every 5000 miles and above 

There are many vital components that we don’t take seriously, like brake fluid, brake pads, radiators, and power steering fluid. We need to change the fluid of the brakes after 50000 miles; for preventing the harmful condition of the accident, the smooth working of the brake is necessary. When we drive the car, we press the brake most of the time. For stopping the vehicle, the pad of breaks is needed. Go for the inspection for your vehicle, and see the steering fluid, HVAC system. The inspection gives you information about any problem in the car and helps in car maintenance shop.

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