Ford At The 2006 Paris Motor Show

Both the mass media and car enthusiasts anticipate seeing the recent vehicle lineup which composes the cream of the crop of the automotive industry. Different automakers will be putting their best foot forward as they compete with the best vehicles in the industry. Best makes, features and innovations will be unraveled at the motor show. One of the participating auto giant is Ford Motor Co.

Paris Motor Show will start on September 30 and is expected to end on October 15. According to Ford, “The Paris Motor Show is always an important event in the automotive calendar. It is the world’s most popular auto show, attracting over one-and-a-half million visitors and 10,000 of the world’s media. We are making the most of that opportunity by showcasing our strongest ever range. So far this year, we have introduced no fewer than four new models: the all-new Transit, Galaxy, S-MAX and Focus Coupé-Cabriolet. Significantly, two of those models are completely new to our range. It is an unprecedented flow of new models, but Paris will show that the momentum is growing within Ford of Europe.”

In preparation to this year’s Paris Motor Show, Ford has primed its new flagship model – Ford Mondeo. Said model is a vehicle that is designed to define road presence not just in functionality, quality but to style as well. It is an embodiment of innovative styling, inside and out. The design language used is based on the iosis concept to achieve outstanding driving dynamics. Mondeo uses some of Ford Galaxie parts to boost performance and feel. Ford S-MAX and Galaxy will also be displayed in said motor show.

Ford spokesperson further noted “Our message to consumers is simple but powerful. It is: feel the difference. I know that they will. Alongside the new vehicles we are displaying in Paris there is another “product” that I want to spotlight – Ford of Europe itself.”

Santa Monica Hosts Largest Event On Alternative Transportation

In the progressive city of Santa Monica in California, there would soon be another big event that the automotive world and industry is sure going to look out for. This is according to a statement given out by the mentioned city just a couple of days ago. Now this big event would actually be an exhibition of alternative fuel vehicles, high miles per gallon vehicles, and other technologically advanced products in the industry.

This event has been named the AltCar Expo and this one would allow anybody to enjoy and learn about alternative fuel vehicles free of charge. If you are interested, this one would be taking place on the 9th up until the 10th of December this year at the Barker Hanger which can be found at the city’s Air Center.

It was not disclosed though if any Chevrolet parts, auto parts, and other automotive products would be showcased in the mentioned event. The only things that were mentioned during the announcement were that there would be over a hundred alternative fuel vehicles to be shown off there. Plus, high MPG vehicles would also be attending the exhibit. You would surely find various fuel types for hybrid and alternative vehicles. The list of fuels even includes hybrid gas, electric, hydrogen, and compressed natural gasses. Plus, there would also be a display of plug in hybrids, and those vehicles that run on ethanol and biodiesel fuel. Interestingly, you can also be able to find out about electric bicycles, mopeds, scooters with two or three wheels at the event.

What can be considered as the event’s main feature would be the portion where people interested can try out any of the vehicles which are included in the show and those which are on display. The organizers call this par the “ride and drive portion” and it sure would be a big hit for all those who would like to see just what these vehicles are all about. Now if you do find one that you would like to own for yourself, you can ask the organizers about it for there would be some vehicles which would me made readily available for instant purchasing.

Can Model Plans Change Ford’s Destiny?

Ford Motor Co. has recently unleashed its revised recovery plan. Said plan covers the release of additional models and the slashing of tired warhorses in the lineup. The automaker is also planning to create a more appealing and relevant showroom.

Expected additions include inexpensive high-fuel economy subcompacts. Said additions are expected to expand the market of the automaker. This time around, Ford will also be dealing with younger generation market unlike before. Ford Fiesta parts will also be enhanced to improve performance, style and driving feel.

Since small cars are also in the hype, Ford will also compete with the fast-growing market. Bestsellers in the small car segment include Chevrolet Aveo, Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit. Hence, Ford is also planning to produce a midget from to compete with these bestsellers. Ford Escape parts will also be improved to create a smaller version of compact SUV. These new additions are anticipated to go on sale in the year 2009.

The introduction of S-Max microvan to the automotive market is also anticipated in 2009. This new car is inspired by Focus compact car. However, it will be shorter than Fusion sedan and smaller than Honda Civic coupe. It will feature seven seats. A sporty compact coupe is also contemplated upon. The latter will be designed to slash the cost of fuel. It will be using diesel power.

Ford Fairlane is also expected to wow customers and make them acknowledge the new concept of the American family hauler. This concept will is a combination of practicality and style. According to Ford, “Nobody has come up with the defining model for this new segment yet. We think we have a chance to do that with the Fairlane.” The sale of Fairlane is expected to start on 2008.

Among the line of those models which will be discontinued are Ford Taurus and Ford Freestar. The former is a midsize sedan, which was once considered America’s favorite car. Freestar, on the other hand, was the formerly called Windstar minivan. Before, said vehicle but along with its change of name is a major drop in sales. The production of both vehicles is expected to end next year.

Volvo: The Standard In Child Seats

Volvo is a brand that has been known in the automotive world as a manufacturer and producer of top quality vehicles that gives its driver and passengers excellent satisfaction in power and performance. However, Volvo is also known by other thing – safety.

It sure does help that Volvo made sure that during the conceptualization and designing stage of its products that range from parts Volvo 940 to Volvo accessories to Volvo cars and vehicles, safety and performance is at the top of their priorities. It is not enough that they do provide the market with products like these but they do make sure that these products would be able to touch the lives of those who use it and those around it as well as help them be safe throughout any journey with the vehicle.

As part of their move towards keeping the automotive world safer, Volvo has set out and created a website that would give more than ample information regarding child car seats. After all, it is really that important that children do have their own seats in vehicles for very obvious reasons. The website regarding child safety seats can be found at And the information that this site contains has been based on the new child seat legislation and the safety range that comes along with it. If you find it hard to read information on the Internet, you may also consult your local Volvo dealer for such mentioned information.

The child seat legislation was not simply created so as to be a hindrance to those drivers who drive around with children. This law has been set so as to help out save the lives of many children. According to statistics in the United Kingdom, a huge 11,000 children who were eleven years old and below were seriously injured and even killed during car crashes. It is a great factor that the vehicles that these children were on did not have the right child safety seats.


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