Tuesday, June 02, 2020

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Some Tips To Craft An Appealing YouTube Intro

A YouTube intro is nothing but the introduction of a video. There are numerous ways by which you can incorporate intros in your YouTube videos. Well, if your video doesn’t consist of an intro, it will consider incomplete. Also, it will not attract an audience according to your preference. Therefore, you can understand that intro […]


The KN95 mask: The Best Protector from COVID 19

The most famous and one of the best quality masks is named KN95 mask which is also known as an N95 respirator. This mask is made popular and checked by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) under the N95 classification category. These masks help in filtering the air and then allow […]

CBD for chronic inflammation

Anti-inflammatory is a term that is often used today to sell everything from olive oil to aspirin. But what exactly does that mean? And how can you use CBD for inflammation? Redness, pain, heat, and swelling are all symptoms of inflammation. Fever is a good example of inflammatory symptoms and the body’s natural response to […]


Be consistent across channels to boost your social media branding.

We exist at a time where we are socializing less in the physical world and more in the cyber domain. Our online buddies have surpassed the amount we have offline for a long time. Likewise, some of us will not let a single moment slip without sharing notifications, connections and photographs on our favorite web […]

Handy Explains Why Website Dashboards Are Dead

Introduction The uniqueness of the dashboard has run its course. The once requested features have now become a liability especially in larger organizations where multiple dashboards lead to confusion rather than simplicity. Although opinions vary from one company to another, Handy has compiled a list of the most common reasons why dashboards have become extinct […]

Designing a Company’s Business Logo

One may ask, what is a logo? It is a diagrammatical representation or designed illustration of what a company does and produces. It is noteworthy to point out that a logo is not a brand for where a logo is tangible as it can be seen; a brand, on the other hand, is abstract, it […]

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